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Prestashop E-commerce management using Open ERP.


This project is on github now !


= Knownledge requirement =
This connector requires deep technical knowledge of OpenERP, PrestaShop and the connector's internals to be deployed successfully in production.

= Installation for 7.0 =
OpenERP Branch
$ bzr branch lp:prestashoperpconnect

   Other branch : see

Python lib (go in prestashoperpconnect and run the requirement.txt)

$ cd prestashoperpconnect
$ pip install -r requirement.txt

= TODO LIST for 7 version =

- export of invoice
- add unit test

- export of images
- export of categories
- add unit test

prestashoperpconnect_product_variant (manage the declinaison from OpenERP)
- todo (not started yet)

- add unit test

We plan to create a community documentation.
If you are interested you are welcome to contribute.
The aim is to use the same documentation system as what have been done on magenterpconnect and connector (

= Dependency for 6.1 =
For dependency please don't use the extra-trunk branch, indeed the extra-trunk is a deprecated branch
Please use this branch :

For the prestapyt lib please use this version :

The connector is only tested with PrestaShop 1.5. Using the connector with PrestaShop 1.4 would require some additionnal developments.

= Core editors / Support =

The core editors of prestashoperpconnect are:

the projects starters:


We would also like to thanks the contributions from
    * and many others

= PrestaShop bugs =

We have reported multiple bugs on the webservices of PrestaShop and the development team of PrestaShop fixed them very quickly ! We are very grateful for their help.

Here is a list of bugs on PrestaShop 1.5 that are still open and we would like to see fixed :
  * Bug when deleting image of product categories via the webservice
  * Modification of a record via the webservices
  * Can't fully create a Catalog price rule via the webservices
  * No access to packs via the webservices : (development done ; merge proposal on the way)
  * Missing shop_id in /api/groups/1 :

= Overview/Features =

    * import/export catalog between OpenERP and Prestashop
    * import orders into OpenERP
    * participating: you can read the FAQ or subscribe to the mailing list of the team

= AGPL v3 open source license =

= 2 ways synch =

    * You can start importing your fully customized product catalog from Prestashop in a few clicks
    * in any case, after the setup case, the expected workflow is that OpenERP drives your ecommerce, meaning you exports from OpenERP to Prestashop

= Rich and customizable catalog data model support =


    * imports Prestashop custom product attributes in a click, even "select" or "multi-select" attributes (options are imported on the fly)
    * imports Prestashop custom attributes sets that translate to different OpenERP product views
    * attributes are grouped together in OpenERP view according to Prestashop attribute sets
    * import/export categories, extends OpenERP categories to support n categories by product

= Smart order import =

    * import only last orders, shop by shop
    * can generate pickings or invoices based on the order automatically at your will
    * provided you parameter the proper journal codes, can generate payments statements along the orders without the need to validate the invoice first

= Network efficiency =

    * update only products and inventory levels that changed since last synch (However the whole system is bound to Prestashop API 'speed')

= Quality =

    * has been essentially coded by two companies with highly experienced programmers
    * we didn't hesitate to rewrite completely the initial POC to turn it a powerful code
    * 50% of the resulting code is not tied to Prestashop specifically and as been designed to be reused by any commerce (same base used by
    * because it's multi-ecommerce you will not be tied to Prestashop...

= FAQ =

Project information

GNU Affero GPL v3

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7.0 series is the current focus of development.

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