Utility to display its environment.

Registered 2012-10-25 by James Hunt

Procenv is a command-line utility that simply dumps all attributes of its environment.

Useful as a test tool, to understand what environment a process runs in and for system comparison.

Procenv runs on Linux, FreeBSD, kFreeBSD and Android.


Can you help port it to other Unices (AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, ...) by:

- providing patches?
- allowing me shell access to a system with a suitable development environment?

See http://ifdeflinux.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/procenv-and-process-environment.html

Using procenv to compare build environments:

- Ubuntu archive build (buildd) environment:

- Ubuntu PPA environment:

- Ubuntu autopkgtest (DEP-8) environment:

- sbuild environment (courtesy of procenv which gets run from within sbuild via a DEP-8 test):

- pbuilder environment (courtesy of procenv which gets run from within sbuild via a DEP-8 test):

- Debian archive build (buildd) environment:

- Debian ports archive build (buildd) environment:

- Debian autopkgtest (DEP-8) environment:

- FreeBSD build environment (broken - whatever happened to pointyhat?)

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Latest version is 0.34
released on 2014-03-25

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  • Procenv 0.34 released on 2014-03-25
    * Enable builds for systems with old versions of libcap. * Add Linux binary p...
  • Procenv 0.33 released on 2014-03-14
    * Improved rpm spec file to include check phase and Conditional architectur...
  • Procenv 0.30 released on 2014-01-18
    Semaphore fix for PPC and Sparc platforms.
  • Procenv 0.28 released on 2014-01-10
    * FIX: Process ancestry now displayed on kFreeBSD by default. * FIX: Fixes to...
  • procenv 0.27 released on 2013-10-14
    * Added IPC options '--shared-memory', '--semaphores' and '--message-queues...