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Bug #1177187 program code error when create new rss feed in mahara 1.7.1
Bug #1034180 A group member with no access rights to folder can still view it (if smart :D)
Bug #1045563 Email address in the 'Required profile fields' form must be validated
Bug #1097565 Automatic account expiry doesn't happen
Bug #1132660 "invite user to group" form on user profile page throws headdata error
Bug #1140836 'Max. items per page' doesn't work for group pages
Bug #1158625 Make profile information not avaialble for public when not shared
Bug #1160093 Don't display a remote username on /admin/users/edit.php if no remote username exists
Bug #1171310 Can bypass comment moderation by editing a comment
Bug #1171641 "artefact_license" error when trying to install with $cfg->dbprefix
Bug #1187963 Updating group members by CSV caused existing group admins removed
Bug #1191442 Leap2A doesn't export collections under "All data"
Bug #1191453 Don't show password in cleartext
Bug #1193117 SQL error for duplicate email filter
Bug #1199563 UI changes for Mahara 1.8
Bug #1204728 Selecting image for group page block from 'my files' tab fails
Bug #1207140 The embedded iframe filter doesn't support scheme-relative URLs such as "//" (now used in the YouTube and Vimeo embed code)
Bug #1211088 Use content from another text box not displaying 'copy' message
Bug #1212901 drop here file upload failing
Bug #1214124 Improve stylesheet cacheing
Bug #1216481 Drop zone does not respect php.ini max file size settings
Bug #1216485 Drop zone does not respect image resizing unselect status
Bug #1216764 JSON error when using drop zone
Bug #1217147 Can't accept/decline group membership requests from the pending members page
Bug #1218091 Pager in search in a block doesn't work
Bug #1218092 Search in blocks that have a search doesn't work
Bug #1220093 "Make a copy" in Text Box block no longer works
Bug #1220517 Flexible layout feature causes Leap2a export warnings
Bug #1221001 Embedded PDFs don't display to logged-out users
Bug #1222350 Friendship request throws error
Bug #1222599 adding journal entries from block not working
Bug #1224788 upgrading from old version breaks due to view_layout
Bug #1228934 Exporting a skin has wrong background image
Bug #1229550 Lose all blocks when importing a leap2a file from 1.7 into 1.8
Bug #525632 "this field is required" message when importing a LEAP2A zip file
Bug #993676 Members did not show up in second search if the first search found no results
Bug #1052429 Javascript issue on /artefact/file/index.php
Bug #1127801 consecutive deleted forum posts for same user should be grouped
Bug #1158086 Forum: error after deleting a post that is the child of another deleted post
Bug #1184450 Add mysql collation mode to pre-install sanity check
Bug #1187571 Updating groups by CSV caused 'Not found' page
Bug #1187964 Use adodb "mysqli" instead of "mysql"
Bug #1193757 Institution admin needs tob e able to change auth method "No institution" to one of their own
Bug #1195269 Resume "birthdate" field, if empty auto-fills to 1 Jan 1970
Bug #1195489 After installation, make the installer "jump" to the "Continue" link at the bottom of the page
Bug #1204309 Edit forum post error if parent is deleted
Bug #1211070 embed pdf not showing link when js turned off
Bug #1214647 When an auth instance is deleted, disable it as a parent authority
Bug #1215190 LDAP support for non-standard port LDAP Urls
Bug #1215702 Reduce false positives in syntax checker for unbracketed SQL tables
Bug #1219499 Some RSS feed channel images are rendered too large in External feeds block
Bug #1219666 The help files for Elasticsearch need to be fixed
Bug #1220028 Warnings in the activity_process_queue cron task
Bug #1220639 mp4 file has wrong icon
Bug #1222368 Missing lang string for group page with clean URL
Bug #1225821 Elasticsearch plugin not removing deleted groups
Bug #1228930 Skins should get a help icon or a line on the overview page to know how to edit it
Bug #1231205 Leap2a support for pages with custom flexible layouts
Bug #1231671 dropzone js giving error on filebrowser artefact with upload = false
Bug #703980 personal information pulled into add resume even if there is nothing in it
Bug #1017281 The pagination drop down shows when less than 10 entries on the page.
Bug #1072972 Internal search ignores 'KATAKANA-HIRAGANA PROLONGED SOUND MARK'
Bug #1078591 ClamAV path missing/not detected. No option to provide path to Clamav
Bug #1095208 uploading a file - "Loading" message remains
Bug #1114790 masqueradingreasonrequireddescription string is misleading about settings
Bug #1150831 Trailing slash missing in directory URL
Bug #1165300 Year not shown for post dates on "Topics"
Bug #1165592 "Cron is not running" not displayed in red anymore
Bug #1166578 auth/session.php incorrectly multiplies $cfg->session_timeout by 60
Bug #1168422 clamdscan permission issues
Bug #1175446 user supplied $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] can be used for injections
Bug #1180625 Update ADOdb library to version 5.18
Bug #1188001 Page view throws headdata warning, if group submissions enabled
Bug #1191605 blocktype/externalfeed/lib.php throws array_chunk errors
Bug #1201055 Change lang string for updated comments when moderation is turned on
Bug #1211161 Creating a new group with cleanurls active, throws a warning
Bug #1213908 Undefined variable $id in group/report.php
Bug #1217126 A help file for elasticsearch needs to be fixed.
Bug #1220108 'usersuniquebyusername' config option not in lib/config-defaults.php
Bug #1222200 Admin forced to change users password when masquerading as another user
Bug #1228917 false positive on changing folders in file attachments
Bug #547386 Linking to electronic publications
Bug #680710 Revive the Solr plugin using elasticsearch
Bug #1036556 Embed PDF
Bug #1046750 Show more of the file name
Bug #1050297 drag & drop content from desktop
Bug #1073625 Add additional html interface
Bug #1083263 Filter by auth method in "User search"
Bug #1103942 Allow uploading attachments to Resume composites
Bug #1117237 Allow uploading attachments to Textboxes/Notes
Bug #1166499 Filter out accounts with duplicate email address
Bug #1168213 Wishlist/Feature Request: Customise page themes (skins)
Bug #1180622 Integrate Patrick Pollet's ldap sync plugin into the core auth/ldap plugin
Bug #1180997 Add tagging feature for all user's content
Bug #1182739 Display a warning message when navigating away without saving
Bug #1183612 Make it easier to change a user's profile picture
Bug #1190720 Edit access page needs default share with text
Bug #1194672 Drop-down navigation option be overridden at institutional level
Bug #1197154 Hide or move the "Retractable" and "Automatically retract" controls for blocks
Bug #1201258 artefact chooser panel
Bug #1193927 Primary email is not updated when importing from Leap2a
Bug #1193936 License info is NOT updated when using content from other text boxes
Bug #1193989 Leap 2A import and export text boxes with license info

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