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Remove Old Kernels This script will prevent the disk filling up with unused kerne... 1 5
Draftman Draftman is a simple, plain-text document-management system fo... 1 2
Fix #1 for LP: #1795659 Ubuntu-aws-4.15.0-1027.27+ Author: Aurelien Aptel <aaptel@sus... 1 8
Fix for LP: #1795659 Ubuntu-azure-4.15.0-1041.45 + Author: Aurelien Aptel <aaptel... 1 11
Go 1.X packages Co-installable packages of Go 1.4 through 1.11 for supported v... 12 124
MATE for Xenial MATE Desktop 1.16 for Xenial Xerus. ## Installing from anothe... 43 189
Mahjong Night This repository is created to keep latest versions of Mahjong ... 2 13
MuseScore Nightly Builds (unstable development builds) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MUSESCORE SNAPSHOT BUILDS (DEVELOPMENT BUILDS) ~... 3 9
Coffee Keep up-to-date with current news and weather with Coffee 1 6
Perl/CPAN packages CPAN packages either backported or freshly minted. I try to k... 70 243
Series a simple GUI to keep track of your favourite TV series. 1 3
fasd Fasd Fasd (pronounced similar to "fast") is a command-line pro... 1 10
1. releases stable releases The firefox-plasma package should install pat... 4 1759
AMDGPU kernel including DAL, enables HDMI sound THIS PPA REPOSITORY IS OUTDATED. Unfortunately the builds with... 2 1
Antiprism Development Antiprism ( development packages are ... 1 3
AutoStatic's PPA !!! Do not use this PPA !!! !!! It is outdated !!! !!! ... 32 69
Chris Weyl's PPA These are the packages I use on my own systems (or development... 39 75
Chromium (dev) Ubuntu do keep the 'stable' updated regularly and issued as pa... 1 28
Cinnamon Stable PPA Considering the lack of an Utopic Cinnamon PPA, I decided to b... 29 114
CloudFoundry backup PPA This PPA serves as a backup for the previously released "stabl... 3 10
CoCo My Way Bionic packages of xroar (Tandy CoCo 1/2, Dragon 32/64 emulato... 5 6
Current versions of youtube-dl This repository is meant to hold new versions of the youtube-d... 1 3
DISABLED: Daily Upstream Builds IMPORTANT: this is ppa disabled I tracked the usage along the... 2 35
Daily Atom (auml) Daily builds of atom 1.5 from Currently... 1 8
Deluge Development Deluge Development Daily Packages This repository contains pa... 2 58
Don't Panic Binary packages of the time tracker 'dontpanic' for Ubuntu viv... 1 19
DreamPie Package Archive This is the official DreamPie PPA. Use it to keep your DreamPi... 1 6
EDS Stack Backports for Raring For my use. If it breaks your system, you get to keep both hal... 7 50
FFmpeg current release plus git Just a test. This would be one way to allow ffmpeg from curren... 7 26
Fesslix Trunk The Fesslix Trunk PPA is intended to provide trunk builds for ... 16 158
Future Things I cannot keep in Main for they may not play nice with s... 1 2
GNOME3 Staging This PPA will be used to test uploads before they are uploaded... 223 2679
GTG daily Getting things GNOME! development repository In this PPA you ... 2 16
GTimeLog PPA Contains newer versions of gtimelog that haven't yet been back... 1 14
GUPnP & Rygel packages I try to backport packages from debian experimental as soon as... 17 190
Git-ftp Git-ftp uses Git to upload only changed files to FTP servers. ... 1 10
Go For It! NOTE: Please use the new, team-managed PPA instead: https://la... 1 7
Go For It! (daily builds) Go For It! is a simple and stylish productivity app, featuring... 1 10
Go for it! (stable versions) Go For It! is a simple and stylish productivity app, featuring... 1 4
Google Docs Fs PPA PPA for installing easily the FUSE filesystem "Google Docs Fs... 2 8
Gopesh Ubuntu Packages This will be used to keep all the essential packages. 1 1
Grive Tools Grive Tools - Ubuntu Google Drive desktop integration made eas... 1 6
Inkscape Trunk Daily The Inkscape Trunk PPA is intended to provide trunk builds for... 4 101
Inxi (perl version) This is the new perl version of inxi Self updating has been en... 1 2
Jeff Waugh's PPA Some backports and updates of things sysadmins and web develop... 7 36
LINBIT DRBD9 Stack This PPA contains DRBD9, drbd-utils, LINSTOR, DRBD Manage, and... 7 23
Latest tmux Here I'l try to keep the latest Tmux version available. 1 1
Math Jump mathjump endlessly prompts the user for answers to algebra pro... 1 1
Meta Packages Metapackages to help me keep the same set of packages installe... 1 4
Mpv media player (FFmpeg version) For unity & gnome-shell docks > the mpv icon > r. click will p... 15 86
MyPaint testing PPA A rolling build of releases and prereleases from github, where... 2 33
Nathan Osman's PPA WARNING: this PPA is no longer maintained. Packages are expect... 28 121
Nginx-Stable-1.10 Upstream NGINX have redefine their "STABLE" channel as 1.12-se... 2 121
NitroShare This PPA contains stable builds of NitroShare, a cross-platfor... 3 62
Novacut Daily Builds Add this PPA if you want to use the automatic daily builds of ... 11 89
Old Studio PPA (no longer used, soon to be emptied) NEWS (May 16th, 2009) ------------------------------ For a wh... 29 253
OnTV Development versions of OnTV that keeps up with the upstream a... 1 1
PHP 5.5 builds for ubuntu If you are okay using Apache 2.4, I strongly recommend using t... 3 111
PHP Attic Not maintained, experimental. This is a copy of php packages ... 63 572
PPA for Alexandre Vassalotti This my personal repository for Ubuntu. My flagship package is... 1 23
PPA for Enjuewemela This is the PPA for Enjuewemela, the easiest way to install th... 1 7
PPA for Gary Lasker General packages for general testing, etc. Please keep hands ... 2 4
PPA for KiCad: 5.0 releases This ppa provide releases build for KiCad 5.0 branch. To use ... 12 253
PPA for KiCad: 5.1 releases This PPA host version of KiCad 5.1 To use it: sudo add-apt-r... 9 249
PPA for Shutter Team This is the official Shutter repository - it is recommended to... 9 40
PPA for Ubuntu Backports Testing Team This PPA will contain candidate backports. In the coming days ... 42 182
PPA for Will Daniels Not intended for public use. Still learning packaging so many ... 9 85
PPA for Étienne BERSAC Gnome Scan and its dependencies Gegl and Babl. Those software... 6 61
PPA named daily for Nautilus Image Manipulator developers This PPA contains a daily build of Nautilus Image Manipulator'... 1 3
PPA named jwm for Israel Dahl My personal github JWM PPA. I try to keep it up-to-date 1 5
PPA named resize for Levente Szabó This is a ppa for the application Resize. The applicaton is w... 1 1
Package Updates I'll periodically update some of the common packages used and ... 1 2
Personal Ultimately various packages that I primarily build for my own ... 1 15
Precise Backports Mostly to keep's precise only build environment ... 14 69
Prior Version Every cherokee release we'll keep the prior version here just ... 1 127
175 of 234 results