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zpanel-beta test build deb file for zpanel please send error and log file... 31 247
Spacewalk ## Background 4 5
LLVM/clang PPA Porting from Debian LLVM Packages to Ubuntu LTS **if you fail... 13 276
PPA for stani Bleeding edge repositories for Phatch, SPE and sK1. This PPA i... 2 9
Wayland GTK Quantal Ubuntu's default interface as of the Quantal release includes ... 1 13
FEniCS development builds This PPA contains nightly built FEniCS packages. To install, s... 1 9
GNU ARM Embedded Toolchain This PPA is an alternative to toolchain released at https://la... 1 7
Designate - Havana #### INSTRUCTIONS #### We depend on the Ubuntu Cloud Archive ... 2 11
MATE for Precise These MATE 1.8.2 packages for *only* Ubuntu Precise, they have... 50 181
X2Go stable (main) PPA Quick howto to turn your machine into an X2Go server: sudo ap... 35 547
Building Spice-Gtk-0.7 via Debian Unstable with Gobject-intro... Please, be advised that version of Spice-Gtk-0.7-2 coming from... 5 17
OSCam PPA OSCam for debian and ubuntu: - oscam-svn (trunk version) - ... 5 25
Open Sound System Open Sound System packages on the edge. Add the PPA, update p... 2 6
Rhythmbox This PPA contains the following: 1. for Saucy, a rebuild of t... 1 66
Ubuntu/Debian packages Official package repository for vaiofand (http://vaio-utils.or... 1 11
Ubuntu/Debian packages Official package repository for vaiopower (http://vaio-utils.o... 1 11
Wayland GTK Patched Default behavior of Ubuntu Quantal's primary interface is to t... 1 13
[DEPRECATED] Old Emacs versions NEWS: As I switched from Ubuntu to NixOS, I will *not* maintai... 3 123
test Wingpanel for elementaryOS Freya with support Global Menu. I'm... 1 2
PPA named apt-transport-s3 for dz0ny additional "s3" protocol for apt so you can host your giant ap... 1 1
Audovia sudo add-apt-repository ppa:t-9nfo-b/audovia sudo apt-get upda... 1 1
Commbug and HexToBin Commbug 串口调试助手 Serial Ports Debugging Assistant How to install... 2 11
MyPaint testing PPA A rolling build of the MyPaint "master" branch on github, wher... 1 12
PagaVCS PagaVCS Subversion GUI with Nautilus, Thunar and mugCommander ... 23 127
SMPQ This PPA contains ubuntu packages of project SMPQ with all dep... 5 61
SSLGUI-SSHConnect SSLGUI-GUI for connecting to athena Only for Ubuntu 12.04 Meth... 1 1
Unofficial Mintcoin PPA (built from github sources) This PPA hosts *unofficial* MintCoin builds based on github so... 1 10
cmake3 install cmake 3 sudo apt-get -y install debhelper cdbs lintia... 1 5
couchdb1.6.1 couchdb1.6.1 ```shell # install the ppa-finding tool # for 12... 1 9
gnote stable Contains packages for the stable release of Gnote. Update (09... 4 27
lirc-mod-mce Lirc modules with support for the Microsoft Windows MCE infra-... 2 12
powermate Small Linux userspace driver for the Griffin PowerMate. Requir... 1 3
ror-038-stable Rigs of Rods -0.38.66 INSTALL: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:aap... 6 56
ror-044-unstable Rigs of Rods -0.44 INSTALL: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:aapo-r... 7 80
stable Stable releases of maintained and p... 1 9
tomatick-daily Daily build of tomatick. To install tomatick you will need l... 1 3
truecrypt TrueCrypt package with tray icon replaced by an appindicator. ... 1 7
x-application Usage(only support Ubuntu 13.04 - 14.10): sudo add-apt-reposi... 11 31
AIMS Desktop This PPA holds metapackages and configuration packages for AIM... 49 76
Android Development Tool For Trusty Repository For Science & Development related tools under Proje... 3 3
GNU GCC PPA (lower version) Porting missing version of gcc from lower LTS to LTS **if you... 6 204
GNU GCC PPA (upper version) Porting missing version of gcc from upper LTS to LTS **if you... 5 691
Google Dart Unofficial packages for the Google Dart VM Runtime, the SDK, t... 1 20
Internet Download Manager Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a tool to increase download... 1 1
LLVM/clang PPA (upper version) Porting from Debian LLVM Packages to Ubuntu LTS **clang-3.5 a... 2 38
Latest nvidia driver for 12.04 - First ensure your running the nvidia-current-updates driver ... 2 3
MATE for Trusty These MATE 1.8.1 packages for *only* Ubuntu Trusty, they have ... 62 231
Multimedia Archive Collection of latest multimedia players. To add this ppa to so... 4 23
Nulloy Testing PPA GitHub daily builds. To install: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:... 1 9
OpenStack OpenStack Diablo packages for Oneiric. NIGHTLY BUILDS: https:... 10 35
PPA for Jaakko Sipari Bleeding edge audio production apps which are hopefully some d... 1 1
PPA for Jameica and its plugins This PPA is for providing my packages to users of Jameica base... 3 16
PPA named gtkg for zapman This PPA provides the latest stable version of gtk-gnutella (g... 1 6
Qemu&Spice (0.10.0) USB Redirection and Libvirt 0.9.7-2 on Ubu... Qemu-kvm 0.15 with usbredir support has been built per http://... 9 33
Qemu&Spice USB Redirection with back ported Libvirt 0.9.6 , n... Libvirt 0.9.6 (as of 10/24/11) has been back ported to Oneiric... 9 33
Qemu-kvm 0.15.0, Spice Server 0.8.2, Spice-Gtk-0.7 on Ubuntu 1... 1.The most recent qemu-kvm packages were done via "git clone g... 6 20
Qemu-kvm 0.15.1 & Spice(0.10.0) & Libvirt 0.9.7-2 USB Redirect... Qemu-kvm 0.15.1 has been patched via top 28 commits from http... 9 33
Qt Jambi builds for Natty Qt Jambi development libraries for Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal... 1 4
Rejoice Christian Schools' PPA <p>Installing Webmin on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS</p> <p>(from console ... 3 5
Robotics Library PPA Open source software in robotics (mathematics, kinematics, dyn... 10 310
Shotwell for Lucid and Maverick This PPA contains Shotwell 0.11 built for Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 L... 7 53
Trusty Tahr BFQ Linux Kernels ================================== === CURRENTLY MAINTAINED =... 2 81
Ubuntu Multimedia for Trusty Upgraded, advanced or not normally available multimedia packag... 68 249
Wesnoth Unofficial PPA for The Battle for Wesnoth (http://www.wesnoth.... 2 130
chromium-browser33 chromium-browser version 33.0.1750.152 for java compatibility ... 1 4
gajj science & development tools Repository For Science & Development related tools under Proje... 3 3
gimp-edge Attention! There'll be no new packages for obsolete Ubuntu ve... 11 216
golang PlanoBê Go Language Distribution install: sudo add-apt-reposi... 1 38
APT Upstream PPA APT upstream builds of debian/sid. The python-apt builds shou... 2 30
AMD Catalyst Legacy If there will be no more driver updates made by AMD, than this... 57 165
AVR toolchain (Atmel patches) This PPA contains builds of GCC, binutils, and avr-libc patche... 3 11
An up-to-date pep8 This PPA provides a newer version from the one available in st... 1 6
Backport of unity from Quantal to Precise This PPA provides a backport for Unity 6.x (for 12.10 / Quanta... 14 77
Beta repository Don't use this repository unless you know want to help improve... 2 7
175 of 1009 results