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Spacewalk ## Background 4 5
LLVM/clang PPA Porting from Debian LLVM Packages to Ubuntu LTS **if you fail... 13 276
PPA for stani Bleeding edge repositories for Phatch, SPE and sK1. This PPA i... 2 9
Wayland GTK Quantal Ubuntu's default interface as of the Quantal release includes ... 1 13
FEniCS development builds This PPA contains nightly built FEniCS packages. To install, s... 1 9
GNU ARM Embedded Toolchain This PPA is an alternative to toolchain released at https://la... 1 8
Designate - Havana #### INSTRUCTIONS #### We depend on the Ubuntu Cloud Archive ... 2 11
MATE for Precise These MATE 1.8.2 packages for *only* Ubuntu Precise, they have... 49 180
X2Go stable (main) PPA Quick howto to turn your machine into an X2Go server: sudo ap... 28 437
APT Upstream PPA APT upstream builds of the HEAD of development. The python-ap... 2 40
Building Spice-Gtk-0.7 via Debian Unstable with Gobject-intro... Please, be advised that version of Spice-Gtk-0.7-2 coming from... 5 17
OSCam PPA OSCam for debian and ubuntu: - oscam-svn (trunk version) - ... 5 27
Open Sound System Open Sound System packages on the edge. Add the PPA, update p... 2 6
Ubuntu/Debian packages Official package repository for vaiofand (http://vaio-utils.or... 1 12
Ubuntu/Debian packages Official package repository for vaiopower (http://vaio-utils.o... 1 12
Wayland GTK Patched Default behavior of Ubuntu Quantal's primary interface is to t... 1 13
[DEPRECATED] Old Emacs versions NEWS: As I switched from Ubuntu to NixOS, I will *not* maintai... 3 123
test Wingpanel for elementaryOS Freya with support Global Menu. I'M... 1 2
PPA named apt-transport-s3 for dz0ny additional "s3" protocol for apt so you can host your giant ap... 1 1
Audovia sudo add-apt-repository ppa:t-9nfo-b/audovia sudo apt-get upda... 1 1
Commbug and HexToBin Commbug 串口调试助手 Serial Ports Debugging Assistant How to install... 2 11
Multishell Install multiple versions of shells, allowing you to test agai... 290 870
MyPaint testing PPA A rolling build of the MyPaint "master" branch on github, wher... 1 15
PagaVCS PagaVCS Subversion GUI with Nautilus, Thunar and mugCommander ... 23 128
SMPQ This PPA contains ubuntu packages of project SMPQ with all dep... 5 61
SSLGUI-SSHConnect SSLGUI-GUI for connecting to athena Only for Ubuntu 12.04 Meth... 1 1
Unofficial Mintcoin PPA (built from github sources) This PPA hosts *unofficial* MintCoin builds based on github so... 1 10
cmake3 install cmake 3 sudo apt-get -y install debhelper cdbs lintia... 1 5
couchdb1.6.1 couchdb1.6.1 ```shell # install the ppa-finding tool # for 12... 1 9
gnote stable Contains packages for the stable release of Gnote. Update (09... 4 27
powermate Small Linux userspace driver for the Griffin PowerMate. Requir... 1 4
ror-038-stable Rigs of Rods -0.38.66 INSTALL: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:aap... 7 75
ror-044-unstable Rigs of Rods -0.44 INSTALL: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:aapo-r... 7 80
stable Stable releases of maintained and p... 1 9
tomatick-daily Daily build of tomatick. To install tomatick you will need l... 1 3
truecrypt TrueCrypt 7.1a package with the following patches: 1) The stan... 1 8
x-application Usage(only support Ubuntu 13.04 - 14.10): sudo add-apt-reposi... 11 31
AIMS Desktop This PPA holds metapackages and configuration packages for AIM... 49 76
Android Development Tool For Trusty Repository For Science & Development related tools under Proje... 3 3
GNU GCC PPA (lower version) Porting missing version of gcc from lower LTS to LTS **if you... 6 204
GNU GCC PPA (upper version) Porting missing version of gcc from upper LTS to LTS **if you... 5 691
Haguichi Haguichi provides a graphical frontend for Hamachi on Linux. h... 3 10
Internet Download Manager Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a tool to increase download... 1 1
LLVM/clang PPA (upper version) Porting from Debian LLVM Packages to Ubuntu LTS **clang-3.5 a... 2 38
Latest nvidia driver for 12.04 - First ensure your running the nvidia-current-updates driver ... 2 3
MATE for Trusty These MATE 1.8.1 packages for *only* Ubuntu Trusty, they have ... 63 232
Multimedia Archive Collection of latest multimedia players. To add this ppa to so... 4 23
Nulloy Testing PPA GitHub daily builds. To install: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:... 1 9
OBSOLETE: HandBrake Snapshots WARNING: These packages are obsolete and for archival purposes... 1 24
OpenStack OpenStack Diablo packages for Oneiric. NIGHTLY BUILDS: https:... 10 35
PPA for Jaakko Sipari Bleeding edge audio production apps which are hopefully some d... 1 1
PPA for Jameica and its plugins This PPA is for providing my packages to users of Jameica base... 3 16
PPA named gtkg for zapman This PPA provides the latest stable version of gtk-gnutella (g... 1 6
Qemu&Spice (0.10.0) USB Redirection and Libvirt 0.9.7-2 on Ubu... Qemu-kvm 0.15 with usbredir support has been built per http://... 9 33
Qemu&Spice USB Redirection with back ported Libvirt 0.9.6 , n... Libvirt 0.9.6 (as of 10/24/11) has been back ported to Oneiric... 9 33
Qemu-kvm 0.15.0, Spice Server 0.8.2, Spice-Gtk-0.7 on Ubuntu 1... 1.The most recent qemu-kvm packages were done via "git clone g... 6 20
Qemu-kvm 0.15.1 & Spice(0.10.0) & Libvirt 0.9.7-2 USB Redirect... Qemu-kvm 0.15.1 has been patched via top 28 commits from http... 9 33
Qt Jambi builds for Natty Qt Jambi development libraries for Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal... 1 4
Rejoice Christian Schools' PPA <p>Installing Webmin on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS</p> <p>(from console ... 3 5
Robotics Library PPA Open source software in robotics (mathematics, kinematics, dyn... 9 316
Shotwell for Lucid and Maverick This PPA contains Shotwell 0.11 built for Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 L... 7 53
Test PPA PPA for hosting test packages. Use these at your own risk! To... 2 20
Trusty Tahr BFQ Linux Kernels [CURRENTLY MAINTAINED] == Linux Stable Kernel == This reposit... 2 40
Ubuntu Multimedia for Trusty Upgraded, advanced or not normally available multimedia packag... 70 248
Wesnoth Unofficial PPA for The Battle for Wesnoth (http://www.wesnoth.... 2 130
gajj science & development tools Repository For Science & Development related tools under Proje... 3 3
gimp-edge Attention! There'll be no new packages for obsolete Ubuntu ve... 11 232
golang PlanoBê Go Language Distribution install: sudo add-apt-reposi... 1 38
AMD Catalyst Legacy This repository is no longer maintained. This repository prov... 57 165
AVR toolchain (Atmel patches) This PPA contains builds of GCC, binutils, and avr-libc patche... 3 11
An up-to-date pep8 This PPA provides a newer version from the one available in st... 1 6
Audio Recorder packages This is a new package archive for Audio-recorder. It has packa... 1 3
Backport of unity from Quantal to Precise This PPA provides a backport for Unity 6.x (for 12.10 / Quanta... 14 77
Beta repository Don't use this repository unless you know want to help improve... 2 7
175 of 1041 results