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09:00 PDT on Monday, 2012-05-07
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Meeting drivers

Each meeting has a person, or team, responsible for deciding which items are accepted for the agenda. This team is called the "meeting driver" and for Ubuntu Developer Summit - Q they are:

You should contact the meeting driver if you have any additional questions about the structure or agenda of the meeting.


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Arsenal is used to generate a few static reports that Launchpad currently can not. It'd be best if it were possible to actually run these reports in Launchpad. These would give us dynamic reports and Launchpad filtering.
GNOME Flavor for Ubuntu
Discuss what demand there is to make a GNOME flavor of Ubuntu, what it would contain and if it would have patches over upstream GNOME and what work needs to be done to make it happen.
Desktop Roundtable for Ubuntu
UDS Q Desktop Recap
It would be nice to improve the authentication mechanisms in Ubuntu to be more user friendly and make it easier to enable modern authentication schemes. This will probably involve: - Reviewing the messages/prompts in PAM for appropriateness - Adding hints to PAM to allow GUIs to better display the prompts (i.e. if ...
Zeitgeist in Q for Ubuntu
- zeitgeist 1.0? - libzeitgeist 2.0? - what applications are still missing zg integration? - changes needed for "activity-log-manager" aka "Privacy" panel? Items postponed from P: - unity quicklists - contacts lens - disabling reading from DB (while still logging)

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